Cute and Whimsical Style Artist Teddy Bears and Animals

Thank you for visiting my Tedsby shop. I'm Melissa Jayne, a textile artist with a huge passion for designing and sewing cute and whimsical style artist teddy bears and other animals for the discerning adult collector. Born from a lifetime love of teddy bears and the happy feelings they evoke, my true desire is to spread joy and positivity through my creations by lifting spirits, giving comfort, and warming the heart.

I studied Textile Design at the Manchester Metropolitan University and graduated in 2003 with a BA (Hons) Textiles degree and I have been creating teddy bears since 2003, and 'Melissa Jayne Bears' was established in 2004 after I sold my very first artist bear.

Inspired by the nostalgic aesthetic of cute and colourful vintage children's toys and imaginative fairytale books, all of my bears are 'one of a kind' creations sewn from my own patterns and are brought to life using an eclectic mix of handpicked unique textiles and repurposed vintage fabrics in an array of different colours, including cottons with rare prints and decorative patterns, plush viscose, velvet, wool felt, and mohair too.

I love to create small sized bears ranging from around 10 to 20 cm, made to nestle perfectly in your hands, being petite in size and gently weighted, giving them a tactile and comforting feel. Each one also comes complete with their own handmade travel bag, so they can hide in your handbag as little travel companions, there to quietly cheer you on as you go about your day! On occasion, I also like to add bigger sized bears to the mix, too big to hide in your handbag, these bears prefer to stay at home and are just the right size for a hug when you need one!

Starting in March 2024, which marks 20 years since I sold my first handmade teddy bear, I am now including an inspiring and meaningful word and message with my bears in a bid to champion positive mind and wellbeing in my own way. Each word is depicted on a handmade fabric charm that is handpicked at random and attached to an individual bear, with motivational messages incorporated on a separate, printed cardstock piece. This little extra touch speaks from my heart, and I hope it represents what me and my bears are about: being there as a meaningful reminder to take time to pause, appreciate, and enjoy the simple things in life, as well as offering encouragement, positivity, and inspiration whenever it may be needed.

Creating teddy bears is something that really brings me joy, and I would love to be able to spread some of that happiness to you in the form of a new teddy bear friend. If you are looking for a handcrafted artisan item to treasure or a bespoke gift for a loved one to make them smile, I really hope I can help you find that here.